Cast iron and acrylic baths – properties, pros, cons

The arrangement of any bathroom begins with the choice of the bathtub bowl, because it is this item that becomes the central element of the interior, occupies most of the area and the rest of the decor is selected under its design. Typically, buyers dwell on products from cast iron and acrylic. Which option is better?

Reference for the bathtub with acrylic liner.

This method is also called a bath in a bath. Toilet bidet, cast-iron baths-modern functional plumbing!

It is advisable to start repairing a bathroom and a toilet with a thorough thought for the future placement of plumbing. The task is not only in choosing the shell of the shell, shower or toilet, but also in the scrupulous study of their functionality.

Perhaps some equipment will not be in demand at the beginning, but it may be needed, for example, in a year, when it is not possible to replace the plumbing and conveniently place it in the room. How to install a cast -iron bath with your own hands

Planned to carry out a full -fledged repair of the bathroom? Surely, in addition to facing walls and flooring with new tiles, you will also want to change plumbing. Despite the increase in the popularity of showers, baths do not really give up their positions. Therefore, it is not surprising that many are worried about how to install a cast -iron bath with your own hands.