Pumps: why are they needed in the water supply system

In a modern house with a complex water supply system, the need for drainage pumps increases. Someone needs to purchase a sewer pump, someone for heating.

Circulation pumps – small units installed in the heating system for constant injection of fluid and maintaining a constant water temperature. Today, almost any hydraulic heating system is equipped with one or more pumps. There are also heating systems without pumps, but their scope is limited, installation is more difficult, and not all radiators are suitable for such systems.

The most common type of household pumps for heating is the pump with a “wet rotor”. As can be seen from the name, the rotor is placed in the working fluid – water. Therefore, they are cooled and lubricated due to it. Thanks to this design, the pump works silently, economically, reliably, takes up little space. And today they are gaining more and more popularity.

Choose the pump based on its power and the size of the apartment. It is better to entrust the choice to specialists of course. Otherwise, the far room will be constantly underground. Or, if you acquire a too powerful pump, it will simply spend excess electricity and create a noise that could be avoided.