Marble: the advantages of building material

Marble has been opened by people for a long time and almost immediately found application in the construction industry. Metamorphic breed, which lends itself to polishing and has an average firmness, is considered marble in construction. From the marble, a long time ago began to build buildings, but later this building material was supplanted by cheaper and affordable materials, and marble assembled the role of wall and floor cladding, additives to the plastering mixture. In our time, marble is used as the material of the wall cladding, it is represented by separate tiles of a certain size.

The floor is also covered in marble in small rooms, and also most often used in the construction of fountains. Marble is a great material for creating mosaics. Often marble is also used as an additive to a concrete mixture to give it hardness.

Very often, when installing fireplaces in cottages, marble is used for their facing, as well as to create window sills, countertops and, sometimes, sinks. Marble monuments are also widespread, since this material perfectly resists the aggressive external exposure to wind, dirt, dust and water, does not fade and does not lose its shape. It is quite easy to care for marble – it is only necessary to carry out preventive cleaning and restore polishing from time to time.