Features and nuances of private construction

Each person who made a decision on the construction of a private house on a personal section should contact the local authorities to obtain permission, otherwise the construction will be recognized as illegal. First of all, it is necessary to visit a construction company whose specialists will develop a construction project.

By the way, it is best to entrust this task to well -known companies working in a particular region, which have permission for their activities and fire license of the Ministry of Emergencies in their hands.

The next stage of preparation for construction is to receive an appropriate permission for it. For this, it is required to contact the local authorities, armed with documents for owning a land plot, passport, a copy of the project and the license of the company that developed it. Then you should contact the department of Geonadzor of the Architectural Committee and order a plan for the site of the site.

Having ordered a construction passport in the aforementioned committee, construction should be agreed upon in the sanitary and fire inspection. The past approval plan must be sent to the architecture committee. After the passport is received by you, you can safely proceed directly to the construction work.

In the process of performing this task, the construction organization performs a number of specific actions, starting from the foundation device and ending with the interior decoration of the room.

Each stage of construction is controlled by experts, because the construction in its end should exactly correspond to the design documentation so that it does not have to remake it.

Also note that when erecting different objects, it is necessary to be guided by various norms. For example, wood construction has severe restrictions in terms of fire safety.