Fiber -fiber: what is, the features of application

The development of construction technologies is constantly improving existing and seemingly unshakable materials are sent to a landfill of history. This can turn out with reinforcing rods, since fiber fiber can be replaced by a replacement. Fiber -fiber – modern material that can replace many building materials and modernize construction technologies. Fiber -fiber is obtained from granules of the thermoplastic high -modulus polymer and forms the finest, but the strongest fiber.

Fiber -fiber was used in the installation of concrete structures. So, concrete, which includes fiber -fiber is much stronger than ordinary concrete reinforced with reinforcing bars. Fibrous -fiber acts as a micro -urmmanding material that increases concrete strength during deformations – compression, extensions, folds, etc. Fiber -fiber is also included in the composition of composite wall panels, where, along with other components, it increases the strength, moisture resistance and refractory of the structure.

Fiber -fiber is used in low -rise construction in composite materials – wall cladding, both from the outer and in the inside. In multi -storey construction in Russia, it is not yet applied.