Reinforcing rod: what is it for what purposes is needed

Most people are sure that reinforcing bars are used only in reinforced concrete panel houses. However, the reinforcing rod has found application in other construction works. So, when installing a strip foundation from reinforcing rods, or a monolithic foundation slab, a reinforcing rod is used, connected with wire and welding and forming a kind of network with a variable size of cells. When erecting buildings from foam concrete, many builders also resort to the use of reinforcing bars to strengthen foam concrete structures.

Since the reinforcing rod is usually hidden from direct contact with the environment, its processing is not required, but in places of reinforcing rods exit the reinforcing rod, the reinforcing rod is necessarily covered with paint or bitumen, after which a regular preventive procedure for restoring the coating that impedes the corrosion of the reinforcement of the reinforcement of the reinforcement. The reinforcing rod is also used in welding operations in the construction of some metal structures as enhancing farms that give additional strength strength. In this case, the metal rod goes at an angle to the structural elements and is combined with them welding.