Finish putty for internal work

Falling putty-gypsum mixture developed for the final work to equalize surfaces in buildings of all types, including educational and treatment and preventive. It can also be used in such rooms in which the regime of wet disinfection is provided. Falling finish prospectors is not designed to process bases in places with constantly high air humidity. This putty mixture has high strength and resistance to the formation of cracks, forms a perfectly even coating, while not requiring large labor costs. Using putty, finish prospectors, the price of which does not differ from analogues, allows you to prepare the surface for staining or pasting with wallpaper as soon as possible. Unlike other putty solutions, the time of work with which is limited half an hour, puttying the finish prospectors retains their viability in the form of a solution for an hour. Thanks to the polymer filler and gypsum binding, this type of putty has plasticity and unsaturation, is not prone to the formation of cracks and, at the same time, retains vapor permeability of the bases. Falling prospectors are finished, the price of which does not differ significantly from other putty solutions of this company, can be applied to any solid base of concrete, ceramic and silicate brick, as well as on top of various types of plasters. The maximum layer thickness (0, 5 cm) allows you to fill small dents, cracks, shells directly during operation.   Deeper defects must be aligned before the start of work with plaster prospectors and let the filler dry and harden. It is also advisable to create a primer on the surface of the base before working with the finish with the finish staple mixture.