Installing and connecting a gas column with your own hands

I recently bought a brand new gas column for myself. Automatic arson, in short, the miracle of modern technology. You only open the crane, and everything else turns on automatically.   Immediately I remembered the gas column in the apartment of the parents. Open water, then set fire to the column. And God forbid to do the opposite, automation in most columns of that time practically did not work. And then you wash and think that this miracle of technology at any moment can explode.

Yes! Now gas speakers look completely different. They are beautiful, stylish. Today you can buy a gas column, in design suitable for the interior of your kitchen.

In addition to appearance, the filling of gas water heaters has also changed. Not only, now instead of matches, a piezo-element is used for arson of the column, and there are also various kinds of smart automation protects your peace and safety. The threat of the explosion is reduced. A little that the automation is triggered, and the gas supply to the column stops. All gas speakers differ in power, in the sense of heating a certain amount of liters of water in 1 minute. Here everything will depend on your need for hot water.

Installation of a gas column – the principle of installation of a gas water heater

All work directly related to gas supply is carried out only by organizations that have a special license!

Installation of a gas column – make an hood with our own hands

The gas column needs to be placed in such a place that it is convenient to make an hood. If there is already a finished chimney from a boiler or fireplace, then you can use it. If the hood is absent, then break the hole through the ceiling and the roof (if it is a private house), insert an asbestos pipe into it with a diameter of at least 120 mm (inner diameter). Take into account that above the roof, your chimney should rise by at least 1m. The higher the chimney, the better the craving.

Now the case is behind the column, it needs to be hung under the chimney, as high as possible (so as not to climb the children). We mark the holes under the mounting of the gas column, drill them with a drill or a perforator and clog them with plugs for self -tapping screws. Now it remains to screw the column in place, and connect it to the chimney with a corrugated metal pipe.