Glass and products from it: varieties, production technology

Glass has quite a lot of varieties. For example, it can be classified by thickness. There is a single, one and a half, double or multi -layer glass, consisting of several glasses at the same time.

The thickness of the single glass, as a rule, does not exceed 2 mm mark, one and a half glass already has approximately 2, 5 mm, but the thickness of double and multi-layer glass is usually 3 and 4-10 mm, respectively. The most ordinary glasses in the apartments are also subjected to some processing, for example, now tinting the glass in the windows of residential buildings has come into fashion. Thanks to such tinting, an acceptable temperature remains in the room, and the harmful rays of ultraviolet sun do not fall inside the room.

The glasses are also used for the manufacture of windows in stores, pavilions, as well as the manufacture of any other trading equipment. If you need strong glass, then it is made by reinforced.

Surely, you saw a glass with small patterns and a metal grid inside, and so – it is such glass that it is customary to call reinforced. The range of glass use every year is growing and in the near future this trend is unlikely to change in any direction.