Gypsum cardboard is moisture -resistant: features and advantages of the material

Substract -resistant drywall 3000x1200x12, 5, made in the production of KNAUF (KNAUF), has a lot of advantages: it does not swell in the presence of a humid (up to 85%) atmosphere; convenient in installation; does not load the grounds as other materials do; It has fire resistance and small smoke formation; Protected from mold and decay; Perfectly processed; can take in an wet state a convex or concave shape, which is preserved when dried.

Installation of moisture -resistant drywall can be done both using self -tapping screws and using special glue for drywall.

Having bought a drywall KNAUF, a person acquires real German quality at a Russian price. Made in accordance with our and European standards and other regulations, this material will make the installation of a wall or suspended ceiling with pleasure. A smooth surface, which is characteristic of moisture -resistant Knauf drywall reduces the costs of plastering and putty mixtures. Often the mounted design must only reinforce in the joints, then primed and finish the work on preliminary decoration. You can immediately start the final stage.

If you decide to buy drywall KNAUF, then you must immediately determine the consumables. Depending on which method of installation and what type of work is supposed to be done, fasteners should be purchased: self-tapping screws, dowels, crabs, suspensions, profiles for drywall. You also need to take care of such materials as mounting glue, painting mesh, mixing mixture, primer, putty.

KNAUF gypsum cardboard moisture -resistant does not need to be treated with antiseptics and hydrophobisators – they are part of the sheet itself.