How not to make a mistake in the cement brand: choice of choice

There is a construction boom in Russia now. Large companies and private developers erect more and more buildings and structures. If large firms work directly with factories, then the private trader has much more difficult, since he risks buying not high -quality building materials. When buying cement, look very carefully at the bag and on the label on it. The bag must indicate a brand, weight, manufacturer and factory address without fail. A bag without indicating the location of the plant by 99 percent is counterfeit.

Very often, underground companies are misleading customers also because they do not indicate the weight on the bag. The buyer buys a bag of standard size out of habit, however, it later turns out that the bag is not fully filled or filled with what is understood by the word “cement”. Many non -conscientious manufacturers of cement interfere with corner, so that the volume of the bag increases, but the strength of such a mixture does not clearly add to the future solution.

It is already to determine whether pure cement, or with the addition of coal, can be incredibly difficult. Therefore, you need to buy cement from trusted suppliers and only in trusted places.