How to choose sockets: tips from professional electrician

Thinking about the conduct of capital or cosmetic repairs in your own apartment, one cannot fail to note the problem of high -quality and multifunctional sockets. Now there are a great many different sockets in the domestic electrical market, which may differ among themselves both in the structure of the material and safety. The most inexpensive and least safe are the sockets, entirely and fully made of ordinary plastic. As a rule, the corps and insulators of the sockets of Turkish or Chinese production are made of ordinary white plastic, which is subject to melting in the situation if there is poor contact in the outlet or a short circuit has occurred. Followed by domestic sockets made of carbolic. This type of sockets can already worthy of resistance to thermal overheating, which positively affects the durability of such sockets and the safety of the entire room. The safest sockets from Ukraine whose porcelain insulators and copper terminals allow you to connect a almost unlimited number of household appliances to them. If they are basking, but they will never light up, as it often happens to plastic analogues.

But now in modern new buildings there is a third wire that plays the role of grounding. If the owner of the apartment knows that in his apartment there is a copper wiring and an additional third wire, then here, definitely, you should opt for Euro -zoomers. Given that now most of the electrical devices have short cords, and thick forks, it is better to immediately install Euro-zones in the walls at an altitude of 30-40 cm directly from the floor. This will give additional comfort not only to the mistress of the apartment, but to all family members. To be sure – this outlet will meet all safety parameters, it will not be superfluous to find out the following information on the back: the outlet should work steadily in the voltage range of 220-250 V, withstand the current strength up to 6 A and have a stamp of growth of growth.