Marble crumbs -based plasters: distinguishing features

Decorative plasters based on marble crumbs are widely used in both external decoration of facades and internal finishing work. The use of these decorative plasters allows you to give an individual, unique look.

Decorative plasters based on marble crumbs are made on the basis of marble crumbs and acrylic binding. Decorative plasters based on marble crumbs, depending on the size of the filler, are produced by three types: spray, fine -grained and coarse -grained. Decorative plaster of the type of spray is applied to the surface spraying. For application, a conventional spray gun is used. Distance to the surface of the application of 30 cm. When applying the distance of spraying, it significantly affects the uniformity, the quality of the finished coating. The application of fine -grained and coarse -grained decorative plaster is carried out by a spatula. In this case, the uniformity of the layer is achieved, the minimum thickness as a result is a greater savings.