Modern decoration technologies: varieties

For a long time, humanity was forced to be content with either the lack of decoration, or to produce it with the involvement of painters, architects, sculptors. Modern technologies made it possible to produce finishing materials in large quantities at affordable prices, and the number of color and textured solutions will satisfy even the most demanding buyer, if only he is able to pay for the desired. Among modern achievements there is a stretch ceiling. A special PVC film retains an attractive appearance for two decades, while protecting the room from leaks.

Modern interiors are happy to contain a guest from the past – His Majesty is brick. Modern brick, as well as an old red one, is able to become the main element of the interior, around which everything else is spinning. The wall made of unprocessed red brick in the living room looks very stylish.

You can resort to painting walls, since modern colors are resistant to mechanical influences and sunlight, so such a painting will last for many years, but it will cost a lot of cost. Modern window systems made non -standard window openings available, which can also decorate the interior.