Complete information about the use of glass

Glass – amazing material. Glass is not subject to decay, it can lie for several centuries anywhere and not decompose into the components, like other materials. But the glass is very fragile – a sufficiently slight mechanical exposure is that it would crumble a hail of fragments. Glass has been used by man as a building material since the Middle Ages, when aristocracy began to use glass to protect the windows of the building from bad weather – wind, snow, rain, heat or cold.

Now the glass is used as for glazing buildings (there are also impact -resistant, hot and bulletproof glass), as one of the components in mineral insulation – it is most often used in glass wool as a component that prevents the vital activity of rodents – mice and rats. In glass wool, the glass is represented by glass chips with sharp faces.

Often, many private homeowners who want to save money on concrete when erecting a monolithic foundation of the tape type use glass crumbs (for which the glass is crushed, literally, to the state of dust) as one of the components of the concrete mixture, since the glass is not subject to corrosion and is almost not destroyed.