Ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles: comparison of materials

Ceramic (tile) and porcelain tiles – finishing materials for facing surfaces inside and outside the rooms. Despite some similarity, these materials are still slightly different among themselves: in composition, size, area of ​​application.

Ceramic tiles are obtained by mixing quartz sand, water, clay, various silicates and carbonates. Plates of the desired size are formed from the mixture, dried, glaze is applied (there are non -glazed tiles) and then firing. After that, the tile acquires high strength characteristics.

This material is used to finish walls and floors of interior with high humidity: floor ceramic tiles for the bathroom and kitchen is often used as a floor covering. This material is simple in care, easily washed, retains an aesthetic appearance throughout the entire service life. On our site you can choose and order ceramic tiles at a bargain price with delivery in Novosibirsk on the day of payment.

Porcelain stoneware – modern finishing material for floors in rooms with large cross -country ability, walls and for external cladding of buildings facades. It is also used for decoration in rooms where you need a high -quality coating that is easy to wash and at the same time capable of decorating the interior: in various laboratories, for the design of working zones in catering establishments, for laying on the bottom and walls of pools. Often they are faced with steps in public buildings, as it is able to withstand a large mechanical load. Porcelain stoneware for the floor and facade is environmentally friendly, resistant to damage, the material that has long preserving the aesthetic appearance during operation.