Original city furniture – benches, selection criteria

Urban architectural modern forms in any case must be performed without mandatory accordance with all proportions of the human body. This is understandable, since sitting on a bench should be quite convenient, and even the width of garbage urns should be optimal. We never think about the fact that all the usual street designs should be created on the basis of calculations made, because to create really comfortable benches you need to work well.

It should be noted that the results of the latest optimization were the production of “economy”-class products. Original city furniture – a bench became modern. Granite developers replaced special concrete and metal. Fastening technologies have also changed.

To create certain design products, it is necessary to treat the case especially responsibly. This is understandable, because initially it is necessary to make all the calculations, and the drawings are already based on them, according to which new models are being built. Instead of stones to create this city bench, chipboard is now being used now. And only after that the specialists of this company experience it.

Park benches in appearance can be completely inconspicuous objects and differ in simplicity of their assembly. High -quality benches are almost perfect for the design of our city parks, and also create ensembles with all surrounding architectural special elements. These benches improve the level of comfort. With the help of their models, you can make your opinion about all the size of the products. And during checks, you can change the elements of various designs.