Ornamental jewelry: what are

It is best to dwell on 2-3 colors that harmonize among themselves. At the same time, various combinations are possible, for example: dark large planes of walls and lighter details or, conversely, shaved surfaces of the background and saturated tones of individual elements and parts (cornices, platbands, belts, etc. D.). Do not blindly copy the finish of the neighboring building, if you consider it a worthy imitation. The twin houses do not delight the eye and eventually are able to cause annoyance even among the owners. In individual housing construction, perhaps more often than in other buildings, an ornament is used-a means of jewelry based on the periodic repetition of various geometric shapes, elements of plants (leaves, flowers, fruits). The embossed and puncture thread is one of the examples of the ornament used to enhance the expressiveness of wooden buildings. The origins of the ornament go into deep antiquity. In those times, some ornamental drawings had a magical, cult meaning. At the same time, the ornament became one of the first manifestations of the artistic search of an ancient person. Austrian architect a. In 1908, Loos wrote: “The need for a primitive person to cover his face with an ornament and all objects of his everyday life is a genuine root cause of art… The first person, a tough ornament on the walls of his cave, experienced the same pleasure as Beethoven, composing his ninth symphony ”. The ornament presents us with inexhaustible opportunities for creativity. A huge number of ornamental compositions for wooden carving, for embodiment in brick, ceramic tiles, finally in painting, are known. Sustainable ornamental combinations have been developed by different nations, and according to the composition of the ornament, it is not difficult to determine its national affiliation. Maybe the opportunity to try your hand at creating ornamental jewelry will give the developer a certain pleasure. You should not only be excessively carried away by this means of decor. Even very expressive jewelry used in excess of measures can turn the architectural structure into tasteless decoration.