PVC window staining technologies: Ways

PVC windows are not only white but also colored, what is needed in order not to violate the interior. Consider four technologies for staining window profiles PVC.

The first is PVC profile, which is painted in the mass. At the beginning of the PVC profile production in polyvinyl chloride, paint is added and at the end of the production the profile becomes the color that has been added. The color of the paint can only be brown. The disadvantage of this method – the profile fades literally in a couple of seasons, so on both sides it is necessarily covered with a film “under a tree”.

The second is the laminated PVC profile. On the white profile of the window, the film is placed under high pressure and high temperature. This method can be painted in almost any color.

The third is a way. Units use this way since very expensive equipment for this technology. True, coloring by this method is considered the most durable and reliable. After painting, the PVC profile side that is located indoors remains white, and the street side acquires a painted color.

Fourth – PVC profile covering decor. PVC profile is covered with special paint from granules and placed in a thermal camera. In the nutrition of the heat chamber, the paint is sintering, after which the surface of the profile becomes matte and slightly rough to the touch. Such a coating is quite durable.