Registration of a lease of non -residential premises: how to do it right

Real estate in our country is getting more expensive by day, but by the hour. The modern pace of industry development and the services of the services force the world to go in the direction of urbanization and agglomeration. Constantly expanding trade centers provoke the rapid development of construction. Therefore, accordingly, the cost of non -residential

space is growing day by day. It’s not so just to buy today a territory for a warehouse or other commercial use.

Therefore, registration of a lease of non -residential premises is a difficult matter that takes a lot of time, effort, and also costs a lot. Especially if we talk about capital prices. In Moscow, it is generally difficult to find a good object of non -residential purpose, which will comply with all your needs, and at the same time will be acceptable at the price.

The same thing happens with residential real estate. The number of residents is constantly growing here and construction simply does not have time to provide housing for all visitors. Accordingly, the price is growing.

And this can also be added to the fact that all modern residential complexes are created taking into account the needs of residents, as well as in accordance with technological progress and the most new developments.

The cost of such materials and technologies is usually high, hence the surplus value for each square meter.