Rent an apartment without agents: how to find easy and simple

Renting an apartment without resorting to agents – this is the best way out for those who cannot afford to purchase their own housing for a number of reasons. It is not difficult to rent housing, but when looking for a suitable option, inadequate and bizarre owners may come across, so the tips that are given below can help you save on renting housing without agents not only your nerves, but more time and money.

How to rent real estate without the participation of agencies

The only way to protect yourself from various kinds of unpleasant situations during housing without intermediaries is to draw up a lease agreement, which should be compiled naturally in writing. The lease may be the basis for legal residence in the rented apartment.

Therefore, if the one who is going to rent housing not take care of the conclusion of this agreement, then the tenant may depend on his desire, at any time increase the fee or demand the exemption of the premises from you. No matter how good -natured the owner of the rented living space would not seem to you if you are going to rent an apartment from him for a long time, without fail, take this fact in writing.

If you want to rent an apartment for a relatively small period, less than one year, the lease agreement is not necessary to register with the tax authorities. If the tenant decides to evict you ahead of schedule from the rented housing, in this case, a lease agreement will help you, in which black and white prescribes that eviction from rented housing earlier than the specified period is not permissible.

Fraudulent transactions in the real estate rental market is no longer uncommon, so you need to carefully check the title documents for real estate that you are going to rent. In addition, in order to avoid conflict situations, the following actions should be performed:

When you transfer the apartment to the owner of the apartment for monthly use of his real estate, do not forget to take a receipt from him on receiving this amount.

At the entrance to the rented living space, make an inventory of all property.

Make sure that household appliances and plumbing are in good condition

If you have comments to the contract, then mark them in the application to this document.

All this will help you avoid unreasonable complaints from the tenant. Having taken into account the above advice, you will be able to easily rent housing without the participation of agencies yourself. And this will significantly reduce your rental costs, because for their services an agency of real estate take a fee, which depends, as a rule, on the rented housing.