Which windows to order swing or sliding on the balcony

Types of glazing balconies

With cold glazing, one should not count on a significant increase in air temperature in the winter period on the balcony. The maximum will warm at 6-8 degrees. The main goals of cold glazing are isolation of the balcony or loggia from the effects of atmospheric precipitation, preventing the penetration of urban dust and slight noise insulation.

If you do not take into account frankly “rarity” options (single wooden frames, steel “trolleybus” glazing), today the most popular cold glazing of balconies with a plastic sliding profile of Slidors is the most popular.

The main advantage of windows from aluminum profile is the savings of the internal space. This is achieved thanks to sliding sulks and narrow frames. It is worth noting that aluminum sliding systems look attractive and with all advantages have an acceptable price.

In addition to saving the interior space, plastic windows installed on balconies and loggias have another plus: in conditions of severe frost, the windows do not freeze. Sliding doors and plastic windows

The principle of operation of sliding windows and doors is very simple – two parts move parallel to each other, which is very convenient and allows you to save space. In terms of thermal insulation, tightness and functionality of the window, sliding are in no way inferior to standard metal -plastic structures with a hobby type of opening.