Cosmetic repairs – inexpensive version of the transformation of housing!

Cosmetic repair is a quick and affordable way to update the interior of the apartment or private house. It does not provide for cardinal repair and construction work and is most often as follows:

dismantling the existing finish;

alignment of walls and ceilings;

Wallpaper gluing;

putty and painting of surfaces;

Installation of new floor coverings – laminate, tiles, etc. D.

Cosmetic repair does not affect important communications systems – water supply, sewer system and energy supply. It does not imply a temporary move of the owners of the house, since it can be performed alternately in different rooms of the dwelling.

Important advantages of cosmetic repairs are a small amount of construction waste and a significant increase in the aesthetic indicators of the apartment or house.

Cosmetic repairs are relevant if it is necessary to give a gloss to one or more housing rooms.