San Faires: What is this material, is it worth it to use in the interior

Without a sink and a toilet, it is impossible to imagine a single apartment today. The question of buying and replacing old equipment is relevant for each family, but how to choose and buy plumbing products that are suitable for installation in a bathroom? What to pay attention to when choosing?

The toilet toilet toilet is a thing that will serve for many years, and the convenience of home life largely depends on this subject. The modern market for plumbing products offers many toilet models that differ in several parameters, which an ordinary consumer does not always know about. We will talk about the main classifications by which the toilets differ.

Release method: oblique, straight or vertical. In order to choose the right model, you need to know the location of the sewer pipes in the room in which the toilet is planned to be installed, otherwise the selected model may not fit and you have to spend extra time replacing.

Fasting toilet fastening method. The easiest and most common method, inexpensive and simple in installation. In this design, a bowl and a toilet bowl are separately combined, so you can combine different design options, creating an individual model.

Suspended toilet. Ergonomic solution for small bathrooms. The toilet tank is mounted in the wall, due to which a place in the room is significantly saved. They are attached to the false or framing method, for which installation systems are used