Marble: distinguishing features, dignity Marble always finished the premises of various princes and other rich classes. And this is not surprising. The marble stone has a very beautiful appearance and unique, natural pattern. Also, marble has a rich palette of colors. The marble stone can be motley, as well as possess many colors at once. However, marble won its popularity not only with a beautiful appearance, but its unique properties. Firstly, marble is very plastic material, which is easily processed in the form of grinding and polishing, and due to viscosity and strength, the stone does not split under the blow, but allows you to carve out different forms. In addition, marble has a very low waterwork coefficient, which makes it possible to use it to decorate the bathroom and fountains. Also, because of this, it is not subject to destruction during severe frosts. One of the most unique properties of marble is its durability. Only after 150 years, signs of operation can appear on the surface, and then if the stone is lined on the surface that experiences constant loads. The heat resistance of the stone is very high. Marble is not subject to change under the influence of high temperatures, and the environmental friendliness of the stone allows you to use it without fear in any room.