Water combatants: the advantages of models, which to choose

Currently, the use of water meters in apartments has long been the best solution to water saving. According to average estimates, a family of three saves 600 rubles per month. Installing a meter of any person eliminates the injustice of average consideration of water. In addition, many residents have already understood the value of not only individual counters, but also collective, setting up at home. This allows you to calculate public expenses – cleaning the entrance and yard, watering and other events. With their help, more water leaks in the water and heat supply of houses are revealed.

ValTec provides a wide range of water meters. All counters have passed certification, in addition, they are applied to the factory warranty. And the deadline for verification is quite large. In addition to the counters directly, the company produces a series of related goods of proper quality. We recommend that you purchase not only counters, but also all the necessary equipment, t. To. ValTec has established itself on the positive side. Counters for cold and hot water withstand the operating temperature up to 90 degrees.