Molar corner: one hundred is the way they use

Massarian corner is designed in order to perform many tasks. With the help of this accessory, the joints of the bases (floors with walls, walls with ceilings, etc. are strengthened. D.). The painting corner provides protection of the angles of drywall from damage during the repair, decoration, redevelopment and other works.

This element is also used to give the necessary, strictly verified geometry to the joints of the parts of the construction of the building, due to which the quality of finishing work increases. Since the masking corner, the price of which is quite democratic, especially in domestic companies, is made of materials resistant to corrosion, it can be used both in rooms and outdoors.

The main metals from which the masking corner is produced are aluminum, stainless and galvanized steel. There are varieties of this product with a painting and metal nets. Such painting corners, the price of which is slightly higher, are used where there is a great need for high -quality reinforcement. For example, in old buildings, or in places where a large load is planned on the basis.

The painting corner has perforation along the entire length, which allows you to qualitatively fix it by pressing it in the working solution of plaster or cement screed in the process of finishing work. Also, such perforation reduces the weight load on the base and prevents the corner to slide through the still not frozen solution.

Stainless materials used in the production of a masking corner, the price of which depends on a large extent and on this factor, avoid corrosion and weakening of the protective (reinforcing) properties of this profiled rental. Perforation also allows the use of corners as auxiliary levels in the production of finishing work.