Plastic windows. The main problems of operation

After the installation of metal -plastic windows, many are faced with a problem such as condensate on the windows, in the corners and other places. It occurs due to improper installation of windows or due to increased humidity in the room.

The design of metal -plastic windows itself is not the cause of condensate. You just need to properly operate these windows, especially in winter. It is necessary to regularly ventilate the room in the room in order to normalize humidity in the room (air humidity is ideally considered 40-50%).

Currently, this problem can be solved by installing a ventilation valve, which will automatically carry out all the procedures to ventilate the room, while holding the heat as much as possible in the room. You will not need to constantly open and close the windows to ventilate the room.

Metal -plastic windows make our homes not only aesthetically fashionable and beautiful, but also allow us to make our life easier and better.