Sandstone: What is it, where they use

Recently, it has become fashionable to finish the tracks, walls, floor, bathrooms with a natural stone, which is also called sandstone. Sandstone is characterized by high frost resistance. He is one of the most strong and reliable materials, and most importantly, supple when human processing.

Therefore, working with him is quite simple. Due to its resistance to the influence of natural and temporary conditions, sandstone is often used for external decoration. It is natural stone that is considered the first building material from which our distant ancestors erected at home and various other buildings.

Some of these buildings have survived to this day. This fact, of course, proves that the natural stone can serve you (and not only to you, but even your grandchildren, and possibly great -grandchildren) faithfully for a long time. Also, with the help of natural stone, you can decorate the personal plot by recreating a magnificent alpine hill on it with sandstone or a beautiful flower garden.

Ponds and pools made of natural stone look excellent. But if you decide, use sandstone in order to make the floor, then it should be done heated, since real and durable sandstone is always cold to the touch.