Classics game: what does it mean, how to make rooms correctly

French living room, English office, Italian dining room… We create personal Europe! French living room, English office, Italian dining room… We create personal Europe! Five to seven years ago in Russia, the “mixed” interior styles was established in Russia. The purpose of the experiments in the spirit of eclecticism was the most good – to create a house that fully reflects the individual’s individuality. Materials, textures, proportions and colors from fundamentally different stylistic layers became “puzzles” in the hands of designers. However, the final result did not always satisfy customers of the author’s “conceptual” housing.

It was necessary to be or seemed to be the time and time to understand: a set of arbitrary, albeit spectacular, interior terms, does not always lead to the desired amount. And the house, thinking as the “portrait” of its owner and in which frantic funds and ambitions are invested, as a result, may turn out to be a stranger. Why is this happening? To a certain extent due to the social stereotype “to follow fashion – prestigious”. To be comme il faut, many people try to “get into a cage, in Maxi and Mini, in raspberry purple fuchsia and orange“ fire ”in time… Supporting this game in signs and symbols, a person, as it seems to him, remains invulnerable to external assessment. He subconsciously transfers the same model of “game into fashion” to his own house and often suffers a complete fiasco. Because the furniture comme il fabure does not warm the soul. If you play, then not in fashion, but in lifestyle!

Personal England if theoretical searches of “their” style are delayed, it is best to take the idea of ​​a lifestyle as a basis for designer experiments. The interior of the English house is actually an ideal model of communication of the past with the future. If the idea to collect memories and relics inspires all households, you can safely take a large living room under personal England. And if only the head of the family or older relatives is passionate about the idea, then it is better to limit yourself to one room, for example, a cabinet.