Stench seamless ceilings: what is it, advantages

When designing the interior in his house, I really want all its details, especially the ceiling, look beautiful.

One of the high -quality and modern ceiling coatings is stretch seamless ceilings that have already gained recognition of the whole world.

Any surface of the stretch ceiling will delight the eye. In addition, a great abundance of color combinations will look beautiful on your ceiling. For those who want to make their interior original and spectacular, this ceiling is very suitable. Those who care about their well -being and health of households should acquire this ceiling. And for practical people, thanks to its unique mass, a stretch ceiling becomes a worthy choice.

Today, to solve various modern and spatial problems of the ceiling design, new color and light capabilities appear. Special thin tissues impregnated with polyurethane and having a width of less than five meters are considered the most common type of material in the production of stretch ceilings. Stretch ceilings without seams from this fabric are produced. Due to which there are practically no seams on the entire surface of the ceiling. These ceilings are characterized by increased strength. For them they are not afraid of any mechanical influences. They are also characterized by ease of care and a long service life. Even in the process of long service, the ceilings do not lose color and do not sag. Therefore, they will look like just installed for a long time, for about 10 years. When leaving, they do not require much time. They have the property of repel dust, so they can occasionally wipe them with fabric. Seamless stretch ceilings are very resistant to low temperatures, which allows them to be used in rooms where there is no heating. They can maintain their best qualities at – 40 degrees. In addition, the ceilings are moisture resistant, durable, able to withstand high temperatures. In most medical institutions, even in the surgical office, you can mount this type of ceiling.

The texture of seamless stretch ceilings is matte, often painted in pastel or white tones. But it is worth noting that this material can be painted in any colors that you like, water -based or acrylic paints. Staining can be done both before and after installation. Artistic painting and photo printing are easily applied to the ceilings; They calmly take the form you need. Of these, you can create multi -level structures. Such ceilings are an integral part in the decoration of your interior. Installation of these ceilings does not require much time, everything happens quickly, without dust and some other building excesses. All the shortcomings will be reliably hidden, neither wires, no pipes, nor joints will be visible. Between the openings there is an air gap, which allows you to keep the heat in the room. In addition, all materials are environmentally friendly and fully comply with modern requirements. By acquiring them, you will not regret the spent forces and invested funds.