Repair the corridor: what you need to know

The repair of the corridor is a responsible matter, since the corridor is always the face of the whole apartment. Therefore, after starting any repair in an apartment or house, we must not forget about the corridor.  Of course, we carry out repairs in the corridor in the last turn, having finished repairs in the entire home, since all the garbage and building materials will pass through it during the repair. And in order not to violate and damage anything, the repair of the corridor must complete the repair work in the apartment or house as a whole.

It is desirable that even before the start of repair work, you understand what you expect in the end from the repair, so that in the end you strive for the planned result. And pay attention to the fact that the corridor does not get out of the general style of the repair you made in the entire apartment or house. Finding the repair of the corridor, we must not forget that all the doors leading to the rooms converge in the corridor, so they must be designed in the same style. In case the room is significantly different in the style and design of the room and there is no way to put the same type of doors, the optimal solution will be stain the facade of the doors that go into the corridor in one color or close with similar panels.

Increased requirements are imposed on the front door. She should not only be beautiful and harmoniously fit into the interior, but also be reliable and strong.

Be sure to change the electric wiring before starting the repair, which, as we all know, stretches from the electric meter. And the electric meter is always in the corridor. This is another reason to carry out repairs in the corridor in the last turn. Handing the gaskets of the wires themselves, you will need to outline the right number of electric sockets, switches, lamps and sconces in advance. When placing, you need to take into account not only comfort, but also a practical point of view.

And, finally, I would like to note that in which city you live, the repair technique will not differ in anything, but the prices for building materials and work, of course, will fluctuate. Pleasant repairs to you!