SEPTIC for giving without pumping: what is it

A stamp for giving without pumping “Topas” is functioning correctly by requested natural filtration of contaminated drained drains, at the same time with the addition of air bubbles. The same air supply by air bubbles – forced. The developed session is necessary for sufficient breakdown of organic substances and its components in the drained wastewater.  

A whole cycle of work is: not clean drains fall straight into the reception tank or reservoir, where their receipt is completely stabilized. Here, the priority cleaning from significant particles consisting in contaminated wastewater is worked out here this period is called: “Septic tank for giving without pumping artificial wastewater purification”. We proceed to the further process: after, which completed the first stages, wastewater flows into the moment prepared for this – aerotus.

Here organic compounds are disintegrated by active silt, t. e. His oxidation.  

After the multiple repetition of the processes, active silt, due to the built-in erlift, is loaded into the stabilizer. Extra silt during the accumulation, cleaned in special. A tank from which is pumped up by a hose.  

A stamp for giving without pumping is the elementary installation in the right place of your suburban site.