VBBSHV cable: what is representing, the features of the material

The power cable of the VBBSHV is used in networks that transmit electric energy with a frequency of 50 Hz and a variable voltage of 1-6 kV, depending on the brand, or to transmit an electric current of a direct voltage higher than 2, 4 times. The cable consists of 1-5 copper cores and covered with an insulating shell consisting of several layers: the veins are covered with multi-colored marking plastic from polyvinyl chloride and wrapped with PVC ribbons. The cable is armored by steel ribbons on top, which are additionally isolated by bitumen. The top layer of insulation is made of polyethyleneterftalatic film and covered with a hose of PVC plasticity. Networks from the power cable of VBBSHV can be mounted in soil, in water, in rooms with high humidity and fire hazard. Their installation can be carried out both in hot and cool climate.