Brick: as used in construction, dignity

Brick is a traditional building material that has been used around the world for more than a hundred years. From the moment of its appearance to today, it is he who is considered one of the most reliable and verified building materials. Initially, the brick was quite expensive, and only quite wealthy people could build a house from it, however, later, after some time, the production of bricks increased significantly, and its cost became affordable for almost all segments of the population, as poor, as poor. So the rich. Currently, brick has already begun to be replaced by other building materials, such as sandwich panels, slag blocks, monolithic construction, etc. D. But there is still no serious threat to the brick. If it is not used abroad so often, then in our country most of all buildings, even newly built, are built exclusively from such building materials as bricks.

Its main advantage is the price and good indicators of thermal conductivity, which most of the other building materials used to build walls, structures and any other buildings cannot boast.