What is a rosary: ​​how to make it on the site

Rosary is a decorative section of the garden in which roses of various types are the main plant. No wonder Rosary is considered the main decoration of any garden. Rose autumn whimsical plant, which is not so easy to grow and care for it. Therefore, if it is necessary to create a real, competently design of the Rosary, you can not do without the help of landscape designers.

For the arrangement of rosary, you need about 15-20 kV. m sun and a place protected from the wind. A lot of trees and bushes should not grow near the future Rosary. Before starting work on the site, it is worth removing the upper soil layer. Roses can be planted both in groups and individual plants. It is allowed to combine different varieties and shades of colors. However, they must be harmoniously combined. In the landscape design of the garden, it is even recommended to plant contrasting color schemes nearby. Such landings will look very elegant and noble. In order for the rose planted on the site to look harmonious, it is necessary to plant 3-5 bushes nearby.

In the landscape of design, two types of Rosarii layouts are distinguished – landscape and regular. Regular planting of plants is a planting of roses in a limited space, any geometric shape. To limit the boundaries of such a rosary, tiles, brick, stones, pebbles are used. You can surround it with paths or a fence. It is better to arrange such rosary at the entrance to the site, near official and other buildings.

The landscape rosary can be planted anywhere in the site without limiting it. Such areas can be of any arbitrary form and type. Such a rosary looks very easy and airy, gives the impression of natural growth. Mature, alpine slides look very good near him. You can also organize its lighting in the evening, it will be very beautiful and interesting.

Planted rose groups that surround the green lawn with decorative herbs look very attractive. However, not all herbs are suitable for planting near roses. Coniferous plants and shrubs look very beautiful and harmonious near the Rosarians: thuja, juniper, spruce, fir. Rosary can also be diluted with other plants: tulips, peonies, forget -me -nots.