How to visually increase the bathroom: design techniques

The bathroom is the place in the house where you can completely relax, forget about all the workers of the working day. For this reason, it is very important to feel in it extremely free and comfortable.

The issue of arranging the bathroom must be approached with special attention.

If the bathroom is spacious, then it’s fine. But, on cramped and narrow baths, you should work a little. It is not necessary to redevelop and repair in order to expand the room

I propose to use several secrets for visual expansion of the bath. If you like to take a shower than a foam bath, then we get rid of it first.

Instead, a shower cabin will be appropriate in the bathroom. In addition, it has a lot of priority for you. For example, it takes up little space, and spray does not fall into the space of the bathroom.

Also, the illusion of spaciousness can be created using a light tone of a cabin with rounded corners. Also a lot of space in the bathroom is occupied by a sink. Therefore, pay attention to the miniature option. The sink built into the cabinet looks great.

On the door in the bathroom, you can beat the hook for a dressing gown, a towel or place a mirror. As for the latter, it perfectly expands the room.