Add paints to the interior using interior doors.

Today, perhaps, quite a few left their “Soviet” repairs in the past and acquired new and stylish interiors that meet all modern trends and fashion trends. At the same time, literally everything was altered, including building structures such as interior doors.

Interior door, cheaply to buy right at the door that produces the door is a kind of presentation of the room. When we come to visit someone, it is on the interior door that we determine what we can expect from the interior of the room in which we are invited. And if something in her model confuses us, the overall impression of the room, let even the most stylish one, is significantly reduced. But how to choose the right model so that it fully and fully corresponds to the design of the interior of the room and supports it with its color, texture, details?

Everything is quite simple. There are several ways to help you choose the right door of the economy class for any interior. Firstly, the choice of color plays a very important role. How the room will look in the eyes of your guests depend on the color of the model. Most often, the door is chosen by calm or natural shades, but just imagine what effect you can achieve if it is painted in a perfectly white or bright blue. It is important that the color that you plan to use for painting is repeated somewhere else in the interior. Perhaps it will be upholstered furniture or one of the chairs, or maybe curtains or carpet. In this way, you will emphasize these color accents and make them more significant and significant for the interior. Today, quite often bright blue models are used to create Mediterranean design or interior in the style of island Greece. This idea was inspired by designers with snow -white walls and blue shutters or doors of the houses of local residents of these regions. However, similarly to the blue color in a tandem with white, you can use literally any other that you like. So, if you strive to create an energetic environment that will contribute to increasing activity and performance, paint the door to red, which would duplicate in the shade of the upholstery of the sofa and in the lampshade of the table lamp. For those who want to create a romantic or “girl” atmosphere, the combination of white and pink or pale lilac.