Carpet paint for ceilings: what is

Carpet paint (Cover) – 14 kg in a bucket – a tool for staining concrete, brick, asbestosenta, drywall. It is made on the basis of water dispersion of polyacrylate, or in other words – on an acrylic basis. The paint has excellent governing abilities, remarkably clutching with the surface and forming a continuous uniform coating, characterized by smoothness.

Acrylic paint for the ceiling can have completely different shades and colors that correspond to the RAL catalog palette. Typically, an acrylic -based paints can be mixed with each other, to obtain the required shade. If the colors that are available are not satisfied, then white paint is acquired, in which a dry pigment is added.

Acrylic paint for the ceiling does not have an irritating smell and does not emit toxic and allergenic substances into the air that is dangerous for the human body. The substance is completely ready for use and does not require additional dilution. Applied both manually (brush, roller), and with the help of a spray gun. If necessary, the primary staining of the paint for the ceiling can be diluted to 5 % with water, however, the final staining of such an appeal does not allow.

Surfaces from smooth, non -moisture of materials must be treated with preliminary primer mixture. Before applying acrylic paint for the ceiling, you should remove all the crumbling and stifling fragments, close all defects and apply a putty finish mixture with noticeable defects. Soil and putty layers should dry well.

The ceiling paint is not intended for staining floors, since it does not have sufficient wear resistance for this. Work should be carried out in a room protected from drafts and dust from the freshly painted surface.