Application of mastic: process features

Bitumen is nothing more than a residual product in oil refining. Bitumen mastic must comply with GOST standards.

Just as there are all kinds of applications, there are also varieties of mastic.

Installation of roller roof is impossible without mastic. The average mastic consumption varies from 1 to 1, 2 kg. A square meter. Before installation, the glued surface of the roll roof, for example, roofing roof, cut the cross into the cross, exflict the corners, clean the surface from garbage and dried if there is a need for this. After, the surface of the roofing carpet is covered with hot mastic and tightly pressed back the bent edges of the roofing material.

Ready -made mastic should be adhesive mass similar plasticine. In this case, the mastic will be suitable for laying the floor, waterproofing of the roof. The plus of the cold mastic is that this mixture is stored longer and safer in use, hot mastic should only be used at its high temperature, its manufacture requires increased safety, the vessel for cooking is unleashed, and are strengthened with bricks, impurities are removed by the mesh, necessarily the presence of densely closing lids.