Egyptian bath: what is

Egyptian, not joking, a bathhouse of a bathhouse in antique Egypt were widespread and acted as a hospital, since almost all jerks were treated with water. These baths were available even to a small person. There is no dispute to the requirements of the excavations of the ancient Egyptian city, archaeologists revealed the remains of the bathhouse, which consisted of two floors. Expressed on the top floor, the Verbing Stones-Little Stones were found, which was actually heated from the very posted floor. Of identical, visitors fell on these stones, and the steamers were acting in reality their bodies with life -giving drugs, made rubbing, massage. There was especially a hole in the stone, through which the steam went out. The Egyptians widely used completely therapeutic inhalations in their baths. De facto instead of soap, they flushly used the paste of a bee wax and water.

In the half of the premises of the upper floor there was a small artificial reservoir, built de facto for swimming, bathing, for extremely decorative purposes unconditionally for contrasting unusually water procedures. There were undoubtedly room for all that for gymnastic classes, Apadana-Mobelnitsa, in which archaeologists found medical instruments.

In the floor of the bath, draining in other words for water was made, which went into the collective structure, no matter what to say, water flow, as well as a sloping place, the order of which the water of the city could deftly drain. This drainage design served as a kind of excellent central heating visible business for the city.

The traditions of the ancient Egyptian baths became the base for verification for Turkish baths and Roman terms.