Lime gravel: what kind of building material, where they use

Lime gravel is an inexpensive and affordable type of crushed stone, which is widely used in construction. As well as other varieties of this building material (granite and gravel crushed stone) is used during the construction of roads and in the production of concrete blocks and reinforced concrete.

Due to the fact that lime gravel is inferior in its characteristics to granite, in the construction of roads it is used only as a pushing for roads with a small transport load. Thanks to a low radioactive background and the fact that the cost of lime crushed stone is relatively not largely widely used during the improvement of various territories. In combination with concrete, this material will help you perfectly equip a yard or driveway.

The cost of lime crushed stone

As you probably already know, limestone is formed from the residues of living organisms (therefore, its basis is calcium carbide) and chemical precipitation. Underground it lies in the form of layers most often white. There are other shades (gray, yellow, red), which depend on impurities (clay, quartz). This fact must be taken into account, because if you want to buy high -quality lime crushed stone, because it falls significantly from a large number of impurities.

Lime gravel is widely used not only in construction. It is used for the manufacture of lime, soda, mineral fertilizers, flux, calcium carbide. Lime gravel is even used in printing.

Lime gravel whose price is much lower than for other types of crushed stone has the following advantages:

allows you to reduce the volumetric mass of concrete;

has good clutch with concrete stone;

increases the life of asphalt concrete coating;

Due to the fact that lime crushed stone is better compacted, the quality of the road foundation increases;

reduces the consumption of connecting materials.