Tile glue junis plus unis for laying tiles

Tile glue junis plus (25 kg) is created in order to reliably and tightly glue to tiles to various bases. The main condition that is presented to the material from which the base is made is the information. Surfaces to which you can glue tiles using glue unis plus, these are walls and floors of stone, gypsum, reinforced concrete, cellular concrete, various types of brick. The use of this finishing material ensures the durability of the cladding, increasing the stability of the grounds for water exposure and frost. Covering the surface of the bases, glue strengthens them, protects from the harmful effects of acid rains. But its main quality is the ability to firmly fix the facing tiles. Before working with glue, Unis Plus, the price of which corresponds to the quality, you must carefully read the instructions for use set forth on the packaging. In addition, it is also necessary to comply with the safety rules provided for working with cement solutions, that is, to work only in gloves and when the solution enters the unprotected parts of the body urgently rinse them with running water and consult a doctor. Tiley junis glue consumption plus is about 3, 5 kg per square meter. m, and the thickness of the applied layer can be from 3 mm to 1, 5 cm. The weight of the tile that can withstand glue for tiles Unis Plus should not exceed 70 kg per 1 sq. m. For cladding with the help of this glue composition, almost all types of tiles and mosaics are suitable. However, do not rush to buy junis glue plus for transparent mosaics, since the gray color of glue can ruin the color scheme of the future design. Unis, which produces Unis Plus, guarantees its quality and confirmation of this is certificates of conformity, as well as numerous positive reviews of professional masters-pliers.