AUR primer: what are

Today, a huge number of various primers are presented on the market. Primer Aur, DP, EF, AK – and that is not all. Let’s try to figure out what is a primer and why it is needed?

In general, the primer is a special basis for the subsequent conduct of any finishing work. It is used before laying the walls with wallpaper, before laying the tiles, and even before the usual painting. Why is it necessary? Everything is very simple: the primer cleanses the surface of dust and provides the best setting of materials. Of course, there are no universal primers – for each type of surface, its own. There are primers for metal, on wood, concrete, etc. Hence the varied capital letters in the name. For example, AUR primers are designed for the processing of metal and wooden parts of the vessels. Their main task is to protect the surface of the vessel from the harmful effects of the environment, salts of sea water and other aggressive elements. It is characterized by excellent resistance to various mechanical influences (scratches, blows, etc.).

Of course, in any store, a qualified specialist can talk about the purpose of a particular primer, but still, it is better to have a general idea of ​​this product yourself. The happy owner of a boat or catamaran should know that AUR primers are designed specifically for their quality processing, and do not replace them with household analogues. But on the contrary, it is possible to use such primers at home – because they have a large margin of strength, and the resulting coating will be able to last years.