Ceramic tiles for bathroom and kitchen

Ceramic (tile) tiles are used in rooms with high humidity: it is easy to wash, resistant to smells and water exposure. Usually it is operated as a ceramic tile of a floor for a kitchen or bathroom. When choosing, you should pay attention to the parameters of the product, the main of which are the size and composition of the surface (matte or glossy). Dimensions can be divided into three categories:

less than 5×5 cm;

from 10 to 50 cm;

50 to 120 cm.

To decorate the floor or walls, you can use tiles of different sizes, for example, in the panel – a composition in the center of small tiles, and monophonic fragments of a larger size around.

Glossy ceramic tiles will look good on the walls, reflecting the light and visually increasing the space. But it will be a mistake to put it on the floor: it gets dirty very quickly, any trace remains on it, and without constant departure, the floor in the room will look untidy. In addition, it is very slippery, so it is not suitable as a floor covering for the bathroom and kitchen. For these purposes, it is better to choose a material with a matte surface.