Author’s supervision: what is it, the features of the process

Author’s supervision helps to avoid many conflict situations and alterations, thereby saving time and money. How? Author’s supervision involves the designer’s departure to the facility and monitor the implementation of construction work. All work should be carried out in strict accordance with the designed design project.

During visits to the object, the designer, together with the finish brigade, reads drawings and explains the order and course of certain works, once again pronounces what kind of finishing materials one or another surface is prepared. In addition, measurements of the erected partitions are made, the correct location of sockets and switches, issues for sanitary devices, arrangement of conclusions for lamps and much more are checked.

Otherwise, the designer needs to visit the object before the start of tile work, explain and adjust the procedure for laying tiles.

Often, during construction work, it becomes necessary to make certain amendments to the project. In this case, the operational adjustment of the project without violations of the general ideological concept is very important. All comments are recorded in the author’s supervision journal and photography is underway. The revealed comments are brought to the customer and. The number of designer departments, their frequency is stipulated in the contract. Typically, such trips are carried out once a week, during the entire time of construction and finishing work.