Tips for organizing the interior of the hallway.

The hallway of each house is usually only a couple of square meters, but despite this, its significance in our lives is very great. The stop of the hallway creates general mood and well -being. How to correctly form this very significant part of our house?  


For flooring, it is better to prefer tiles, or laminate. The sexual flooring must be, of course, durable, moisture and wear-resistant, since in fact this area of ​​the house is most often undergoing intense operation. The tile coating is easily leaving. In turn, thanks to the use of multi -fertile tiles, you can expressively distribute the area into separate functional zones. It is important that the purchased floor tiles are not impeccably smooth, but have a rough plane.


Due to the lack of direct sunlight, lighting will be an important component of the hallway. Various adorning accessories like photometric paintings, illuminated plants, fake aquariums will impress your guests and give the interior of style. All kinds of lighting devices will help to avoid unacceptably dark environment. They are built into the surface of the ceiling, loosened, wall -mounted, corner, floor.

Prospecting walls

The hallway first of all requires acoustic wall panels that will remain silent in your house. For the design of the surface of the walls, warm muffled tones are best: gray, chestnut, milk, beige. If desired, you can bring a small designer highlight to the design-place some bright-column sketch on the wall, paint part of the space in a contrast tone. This little trick will favorably complement the interior of the hallway.


High functionality and reliability here are the most important. If you want to make the hallway as plausible and comfortable as possible, in this case you need to pay due attention to existing furniture. If the size of the space allows, it is best to put a wardrobe, due to it, you will be freed from cluteness.

Various unusual structures for storing umbrellas, newspapers, keys are amazingly suitable for the hallway. In the hallway it is best to hang a high mirror. Mirrors visually expand the room, and in this case it cannot be superfluous. It is undesirable to install racks or shelves: they will contribute to the chipping of small objects and disorder.

Each housing begins directly with the hallway – a small and, in principle, an ordinary room. Following our recommendations, you will be able to equip it as rational and stylish as possible, therefore, make your everyday life more joyful and brighter!