Only: what is it as used in construction

Flexible roofing materials are often used to cover the roof, differing among themselves durability, practicality, beauty. Thill among flexible roofing materials is quite widely common, since they resort to it in cases where it is required to cover the roof of a temporary structure, the service life of which will not exceed 2-3 years. Only often, more often than to cover the roof, is used in roofing when installing steam and waterproofing. Now only is replaced by more modern and practical materials.

When the roof is arranged using roofing felts, it is mounted like roofing material. That is, a piece of felense is launched on a wooden crate, which is pierced by small nails through the chink to the crate of the roof. Sheets in this case are overlapping, the width of the overlap should be at least 50 mm.

Since the material does not have high strength, the crate should be quite frequent, much more often than when the roof is used using other types of roofing materials. When installing a hydraulic or vapor barrier, there is no need for a frequent crate, since the wind load on itself, in this case, will take a more rigid roofing material.