B-EP primer: what is it, the advantages of application

B-EP primers are durable. Covering the material with this type of soils, you can be sure that it will last about 10 years, thanks to adhesion, that is, the fact that the foundations have good adhesion among themselves. The main purpose of these primers is to protect the surface made of steel or reinforced concrete in the construction and repair of ships, as they have excellent properties against corrosion and resistance to oil products. Reliable under the influence of sea, fresh and groundwater. B-EP primer do not contain organic solvents. The advantage is to achieve the desired layer thickness, they must be applied only once. Often they are used in combination with enamels to achieve a better result. The coating is flat, half -glossy. Applied using the technology of airless spraying, as well as a brush or roller. Varieties of B-EP soils:-B-EP primer 0126. Go in combination with enamel B-Ep 421. – Primer B-EP 0237. Applied in combination with enamel B-EP 433. – Primer B-EP 0261. This type is used in conjunction with the enamel of B-EP 610.