Waterproofing: varieties of building material, how to choose

When building a house in conditions of high humidity, it is necessary to carry out a set of measures for waterproofing, and any builder knows this. Therefore, the question immediately arises of specific actions and materials. The issue of waterproofing of the room is quite complex and multifaceted. To. It is completely ambiguous. A detailed analysis of problem areas is required, according to which the diagnosis will be known and the decision is assigned. In general, the most common is the waterproofing of the roof and floor, t. To. These two zones are most prone to water.

The waterproofing of the surface and floor is very different from each other. Materials also vary very vague with each other. If you have come to certain conclusions and are going to purchase specific materials, then the most faithful advice to you – use the purchased goods only for its intended purpose. The waterproofing of the pool, floor and roofs have completely different principles of work, so they need to be used only in their niche.

Waterproofing materials today are widely used. There are so many of them that sometimes eyes run away from the choice. The most popular today are liquid finished or concentrated materials. There are also roller waterproofers, but their area of ​​work is limited. This is mainly roofing isolation.